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Photoscape – Photo Editing Software Description:

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The number of photo editing tools available in the internet from the past five years has been significantly increasing. Be it paint or be it Adobe Photoshop, it has become a trend to edit or tune pictures before uploading them on social networking websites or getting them printed as hard copies. It’s the same case with printing wallpapers. Every use seems to be attracted to the edited pictures than the normal ones. With such high demand for the picture editing softwares, it’s not surprising to know that there are thousands of picture editing softwares available, today. With Photoshop being software that requires domain knowledge about certain tools and layers, it becomes difficult for a normal or rookie user to use Adobe Photoshop. Hence, the craze for ‘One Click Edit’ softwares is more when compared to the Professional tools like Photoshop.

  Photoscape is one of the most famous quick photo editing softwares. It is more like a ‘one touch edit’ software package. It offers several features.

Photo Viewer:

A slideshow of a couple of pictures can be made through photo viewer, which, later, can be shared through email, sneakernet.

PhotoScape Editor:

PhotoScape offers the user, a set of photo editing tools which helps in various styling and editing methods. Adding Backlight, Bloom effect, Red Eye Removal, Cropping, white balance, Light effects, Exposure, Brightness, grain effect makes the PhotoScape editor as one of most ‘easy to use’ photo editors.


A couple of pictures can be combined and can be made as one single image. The collages can be as small as an ordinary handheld portrait or can be a large photo wall paper. A group of pictures can be made into a collage and can be given for print-out as a wall paper.

Gif Maker:

Nothing beats a series of funny picture showing up one after the other alternatively. PhotoScape offers a very good Gif Maker by which a .gif file can be made out of a couple of selected pictures. The gif file is widely supported by the internet. A proper selection of pictures and it can be one of the finest gifs on the internet.

Face Search:

One of the most trending features on the internet is the Face Search feature, right now. The PhotoScape face search feature enables the users to trace similar features on the internet. It groups up the similar faces under their respective name. There are little flaws in the Face Search feature of PhotoScape but for the beginning, it’s really good.


PhotoScape is one of the easiest photo editing softwares with a couple of preset effects and has good printing features. Photoscape is a very lite program which does not act as a burden on the processor.


PhotoScape photo editor has a very inferior UI. Though the performance it offers is good, the user interface looks blank. The number of preset effects is less.

PhotoScape Overview:

The PhotoScape photo editor is undoubtedly one of best quick photo editors with a couple of exciting add-ons. It out matches many paid photo editors. With a developed user interface, it will look way better than it is right now. For the performance it offers, it is a must download.

Download The Software Below:

Photoscape – Photo Editing Software Free Download

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