Primo PDF Editor Free Download for Windows PC

Primo PDF Editor Free Download Overview:

Primo PDF free editor images, Primo PDF free editor screenshotsPrimo PDF is a freeware application tool that creates PDF files from your system documents. It acts as virtual printer. You can simply drag & drop the files for conversion. Within less time, you can create high quality PDF by converting from word, excel, PowerPoint. Primo PDF is a little difficult to the beginners for converting the files to PDF files. It does not give permission for advertisements. Primo PDF is developed by Nitro PDF that requires Microsoft .Net frame work 2.0 to be installed in your Windows PC. It is a very nice application for converting any files into PDF files easily and quickly. Primo PDF provides five output templates which are used to create PDF file in a high quality.


The Primo PDF templates are listed below:-

  • Screen: Creates PDF optimized for on screen viewing. It creates small PDF files and reduces the image resolution to 72dpi.
  • EBook: Creates a PDF adapted for eBook publishing. It creates average sized PDF files and compresses all images, while optimizing the file for downloading and viewing on a variety of screens.
  • Print: Creates a PDF which is better adapted for printing on most home and office printers and also creates high resolution PDF files.
  • Prepress: Creates a PDF optimized for printing on commercial-quality printers and also creates large PDF files with high-resolution images and embedded fonts.
  • Custom: Enables you to specify custom settings for your PDF output

Primo PDF Editor Free Download System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Operating System
  • 512MB RAM or more
  • 10MB hard disk space for installation
  • 500MHz processor speed or higher

Download The Software Below:

Primo PDF Editor Free Download for Windows PC

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