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System Mechanic Description:

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System Mechanic Free improves the performance of computer through reduce effects of dangerous attacks, viruses, malwares and Trojans. The job of System Mechanic Free is boosting performance of computer. It performs scan for check the status of computer.

 System Mechanic Overview:

System Mechanic Free was developed in iolo labs. System Mechanic Free certified as data security and software protection. It boosts Computer operations and internet speed. Game performance will be increased by System Mechanic Free. If software identified any unrelated programs then System Mechanic Free programs will restrict those unrelated programs. Those programs have capability to change system settings in any time. System Mechanic Free cleans PC daily with regular cleaner. More than 50 types of waste files generates daily in PC when internet browsing is in process. System Mechanic Free has protects & cleanup software to clear those sensitive browsing data without permission of user. Almost all PC problems nearly 30,000 handled by System mechanic.

System Mechanic Features:

1. Live Boost: System Mechanic Free has responsible to check performance of CPU and RAM.

2. Stability Guard: It capable to clear the PC problems and maintain computer as error free.

3. Active Care: System Mechanic Free can maintain PC without user permission.

4. AcceleWrite: File transformation may be simple from one to another with in less time.

5. Program Accelerator: It works like disk fragmentation but works more than that. It took 15 minutes for re-arrangement of programs in effective way.

6. Memory Mechanic: Cleanups waste memory in RAM.

7. PC Cleanup: All Junk files will be deleted by System mechanic free.

8. Energy Booster: Performance of computer will increase.

9. Crudd Remover: The process of removing redundant data and waste data in PC called as CRUDD. All extra programs will remove in PC with permission of administrator.

10. Total Registry Revitalizer: If registry problems occurred that will be cleared by system mechanic free.

11. Net Booster: To speed up internet access Net booster helps well. Games and videos will download in computer with in limited access time.

12. Privacy Cleaner: The waste data or unused data will delete after perform cleanup process.

13. Guided Recommendations: The More information about PC speed available in Guided Recommendations.

14. Startup Optimizer: It provides optimization mechanisms to startup. Those mechanisms declared in system mechanic fee software document completely.

System Mechanic free has number of versions those are System Mechanic Pro, System Mechanic and etc. If you deleted files by mistake then will recover those files through click on Search and Recover button in System Mechanic free. Depend upon the requirement of user’s number of versions available in market. Users have to check those versions with configuration of their PC before going to install and run System Mechanic free.

System requirements

  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 140 MB of free hard drive space

Download The Software Below:

System Mechanic Free Download – PC Tuneup Software

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