Top 5 Best Free Remote Desktop Access Softwares

Introduction Remote Desktop Access Softwares:

Software applications related to remote desktop management are the ones which save a great deal of time and efforts and are a blessing in disguise to those working as a scattered team for which desktop collaboration is a mandatory requirement. It is also very useful for business online meetings wherein multiple computers are to be used to solve client issues. There are quite many free online remote desktop access software applications that enable an individual to build a remote connection of their own to manage their respective work from the comfort of their homes.

  1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer image,TeamViewer screenshot,TeamViewer ,Remote Desktop Software.

This is an intuitive and easy desktop sharing tool that connects the user to multiple workstations remotely. Although there are many remote control apps, TeamViewer is a powerful and extremely accessible program whether it is related to an IT department management or helping a friend fix their PC issues.

Teamviewer Key Features:

  • All parties must have this program installed on their PC to get connected to a specific session. The control can be passed on amongst the group from one person to the other, instead of going a single way only.
  • Perfect app for managing a team as you get to switch in-between team members as and when it is required at a given time.
  • Excellent organization whenever required as there is a facility of sorting multiple connections into different tabs.
  • Dragging and dropping files from one PC to the other is a unique feature as it enables enhanced access to an individual to access a particular file to help someone else with an issue, saving loads of their time from downloading or emailing.
  • Some of its crucial features include file transfer tool, embedded chat client, potential recording sessions, etc.
  • Cons: The program has an integrated monitoring software that detects commercial usage, raising a bar on the privacy aspects.

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  1. Mikogo

Mikogo image,Mikogo screenshot.

This online meeting tool is loaded with features and efficiently assists an individual in conducting various online meetings and web conferences. Any application or screen content can be shared in original color anywhere across the world simultaneously from the comfort of their desks with about 25 participants. All that the participants require to join is a browser without the need to download.

Mikogo Key Features:

  • This app is ideal for various purposes such as desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferences, presentations, online sales demos, etc.
  • An ideal platform for hosting a meeting or for discussing an immediate/emergency team project, without the need for registrations. All you need to do is download the software and just run it.
  • Features a unique HTML Viewer wherein the participants are allowed to join from either their PC or a mobile device or any other web browser.
  • About 10 different connections can be set up.
  • Presenter-host switching is easy.
  • Cons: The way in which audio conference calls can be started remains unclear.

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                                                Download Mikogo For Android

                                                Download Mikogo For iOS

  1. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities image,Remote Utilities screenshot,Remote Desktop Access Software.

This program enables free remote access to Windows wherein around 10 computers can be connected from a desktop or a mobile device for free. Its integrated tools enable easy and hassle-free network deployment, enabling thousands of PCs to be administered to remotely in a matter of minutes.

Remote Utilities Key Features:

  • Both the client as well as the host program can be launched directly from a flash drive/USB drive without any software installation.
  • A remote screen may be viewed in ‘view only’ mode so as to cancel any kind of interference.
  • Works excellently behind routers, eliminating the need to make any changes.
  • In order to make room for spontaneous support, you can run host software without installing it.
  • There are many customization options such as addition of your own welcome text and logo.
  • Cons: Does not work on Mac OS X and host software configuration could be quite confusing.

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  1. Ammyy admin

Ammyy admin image,Ammyy admin screenshot.

No matter where your clients/employees might be located, this friendly and reliable tool is brilliant at offering remote teaching, remote administration and all in all remote assistance. There is no need for any configuration or installation and remote PCs can be connected in a matter of seconds.

Ammyy admin Key Features:

  • Features a compact UI wherein desktop sharing can be started or stopped in the same location, besides other options.
  • Similar executable can be used on all computers since both client, server modules are undivided.
  • Voice chat and file transfer is also enabled in either directions, besides controlling computers remotely.
  • The desired option can be selected from the drop menu prior to establishing a connection and this includes – selecting various connection speeds, viewing a desktop remotely as successive screenshots, managing files, voice chatting, etc.
  • Only 717 KB disk space is used by this program and it has plenty of attractive features.

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  1. UltraVNC

UltraVNC image,UltraVNC screenshot.

This free online remote desktop access software is designed for those who possess advanced computer knowledge and enables secure accessing of a PC remotely. This app is powerful if you’re already aware of the terminology and required settings for remote access.

UltraVNC Key Features:

  • The server as well as the viewer app is installed upon downloading the install file on the PC. In other words, both PCs can be accessed remotely and viewed by your computer.
  • Features excellent chat system which works brilliant especially when you are troubleshooting issues for somebody else on their PC.
  • The chat feature make conversations easy and hassle free when complicated issues are being resolved.
  • Cons: Beginners might find it difficult as the program features plenty of complex options and settings as there is no integrated app to guide them.

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