Top Five Free Copy Paste Softwares for Windows PC Overview

Top Five Free Copy Paste Softwares for Windows PC Overview

Many of us know how to copy and paste a file or data from one folder to another folder in Windows. There are different options to perform copy and paste actions by using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts or by drag and drop option method. Copy and paste is easy but sometimes the users faces some difficulties when they try to copy and paste using different mediums like copying to & from hard drive, USB drive or SSD etc. We know that Windows directly deals with the transfer actions but naturally, due to some extra load it slows down or couldn’t be copied.

There are many third-party softwares available that enhances the speed of copying and pasting to the destination drive or folder easily and quickly. One of the strong reasons of using a third-party Copy Paste Software is that it performs its job quickly and doesn’t have any impact on Windows Operating system. The Copy Paste softwares those are available in the market not only help to fasten the transfer process but allows you to pause, skip, queue and also dealts with the erroneous files if any.

The Top Five Free Copy Paste Softwares for Windows PC are:-

1.Tera Copy

Tera Copy

Tera Copy is a best copy/paste software available in Free as well as premium version. The premium version has some advanced features and will cost you but the basic version of Tera Copy is free to download and use on your Windows PC. It has the ability to copy large files with lightening fast speed. Besides that it also offers you to skip and rename the files while copying.

2.Copy Handler

Copy Handler

Copy Handler is free software that manages copying operations from Windows or by monitoring the clipboard for files. After it is installed on your PC a windows like Interface appears that shows different functions and options for performing copy/paste operations. The pause, resume and restart button with many other buttons available for necessary actions to be taken. The right side shows the statistics when you copy a file from source to destination.

3.Fast copy

Fast Copy

Fast copy is a very effective tool and is recommended by lots of user due to its faster copying of files. It took about 1.110 seconds while copying multiple files which is very fast as compared to others. Fast copy is packed with lots of filter options, an NSA method wipe, delete option and several modes like verify/copy/sync/differential/overwrite copy modes. The pause and skip button are missing but otherwise the extra options equipped fills the absence.

4.Kill copy


Kill copy is another freeware copy/paste tool that helps to perform the operations with its useful features. The features include a auto-resume option if system crashes, parallel copy mode options, boosting the process and a buffer settings option. Kill Copy can place the copy and move entries onto the context menu and also can be setup to make it as the default copy utility software.

5.Nice Copier

Nice Copier

Nice Copier is another super-fast copy/paste program with nice interface and packed with features to speed up the file copying process. Like other copy/paste programs it can also be placed on the corner of the desktop or you can expand to enlarge that shows all the stats and options to perform. You can change the transfer speed anytime and also can edit the files by ignoring, replacing or renaming it. Nice Copier software also runs on the system tray icons that allow you to do your other task easily while copying is going on.


These are some of the Top Five Free Copy Paste Softwares for Windows PC that are available free to use. Every Copy Paste utility discussed here are different from each other in copying files test but all are dedicated to provide you the speed transfer process between any drive or any folder easily.

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