Ultrasurf 12.10 free Download

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Ultrasurf 12.10 is one other handy software that is capable of providing good privacy protection to users. If you are on the lookout for a free proxy software that is compatible with various browsers, Ultrasurf 12.10 is the choicest one for you. The user interface of Ultrasurf 12.10 is highly intuitive and any novice will be able to use the tool without much training. The obvious buttons in the user interface of Ultrasurf 12.10 include Home, Retry, Options, Help and Exit. Apart from its simplicity Ultrasurf 12.10 is quite fast when it comes to web page loading.

If you are one who is unaware of proxy setting and wish to have complete privacy while browsing the internet, downloading Ultrasurf 12.10 is the right way to go. The Ultrasurf 12.10 does the job of hiding your IP address and assigning port numbers. However, it also allows tech savvy users to configure them manually if they wish to do so. Although Ultrasurf 12.10 doesn’t have good many options, it is the choicest software for newbie browsers that wish to hide their identity on the web. Reviews on Ultrasurf 12.10 rate the product with four stars on a five-star scale. Plenty of websites offering free software have made Ultrasurf free download available to users.

Download The Software Below:

Ultrasurf 12.10 free Download

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