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 Utorrent Definition:

Utorrent is a freeware application tool designed for downloading large amount of files from Internet. Utorrent program uses peer to peer file sharing protocol for distributing large amount of data that enhance downloading speed of any file.

Utorrent Software Overview:

Utorrent is the most used software for P2P (peer to peer) transfer. Utorrent free download latest version is now available for all Operating systems. There are lots of specially made options in Utorrents.  You can download utorrent for windows and you can download utorrent for Linux. Utorrent supports multiple file downloading in parallel. Utorrent has a queue function that helps you when one file is downloaded other file starts automatically. Auto shutdown function is very impressive in utorrent.

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If you are downloading a very large file with torrent then you can set that option that whether PC should turnoff when downloading is completed. There is a direct play option in utorrent when download is completed. Utorrent downloads are always resume able.

How to use Utorrent: 

Utorrent is a very easy way to download the files. This software is very convenient to download the files. The main and excellent feature of this software is that you don’t have to worry about your link breakdown or wait to shut down your computer till your download is completed. It starts its works when it gets the internet connection. It restarts the downloads when your download is interrupted. First, you have to get an utorrent file to starting downloading any files from Internet. Utorrent file contains information about the files which you want to download and automatically the files are added to utorrent software. Just keep your internet connection ON to start downloading. The default download storage location is in the documents. Just wait till the downloading is completed to 100%.

Features of Utorrent:

  • Very fast downloading
  • You can change the upload and download speed
  • You can set the upload/ download speed limits
  • Very easy to use
  • Multiple download
  • Auto shutdown feature
  • Small size
  • Peer exchange
  • Protocol encryption

Utorrent System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Hard Disk Space: 2MB free space required

RAM:  512 MB of RAM is required

Processor:  1.6 GHz

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