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The VideoPad is a free video editing software for different operating system platforms like Windows, MAC OS X, iPad, Android and Kindle. The VideoPad is designed in such a way that everyone feels comfortable with video editing. Mainly aimed for rookies who don’t know where to start from, this VideoPad – Video editing software will be a real good start.

 The VideoPad – Video editing software supports a wide range of video formats for editing like * .mpv, * .avi, * .wmv, dvix, mpg, vob, mp4 RM and many more file formats. So, the user no longer needs to waste time over converting the video files.

 The software might have been designed for the beginners but it’s user interface gives a perfect Pro look. If offers a split screen. In one screen we can preview the selected video clips for editing and in the other screen to look at the sequence of output video.

 The VideoPad – Video editing software offers over fifty visual effects that can be applied to the video. These are just like presets in Adobe Lightroom. To make it simple, we can call it “One click effect”. After editing the output of the video can be of the format of our choice. Be it for a DVD to play it on television or a HD video for putting it on youtube or even for portable devices like mobile phones.

 It offers a wide range of video transitions and effects. 3D video editing is possible in the VideoPad. Even the 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion is possible in the vedioPad is possible.

Different transitions can be applied in a single video and they can be customized and controlled by setting time intervals. Even subtitles, captions, movie credits can be edited in the VideoPad.

A good video without a good audio is not good video. The audio tools in the VideoPad enables the user to use, mix different movie soundtracks. It even offers a feature of recording our own narration(Song or just voice, anything it may be). Putting the recording and mixing the audio files aside, the VideoPad has got a library of different audio files that can be used for videos.

 The editing in the VideoPad is not limited to applying presets but it can also fine tune the color and other visual effects. You can slow down the video or even speed up the play. The video can be played in the reverse too. The video stabilization reduces the camera shake during the recording and gives a stable output. Using the VideoPad – Video editing software you can even create a video with a sequence of photos with a song or a music being played in the background. It could even be a mix of video clips and photos.

 Once the editing is done just click on the Create Movie button and the output can be obtained in the desired format.


Easy to edit, many presets, easy to install, high usability(Beginners)


Designed for beginners and advanced users may feel it absolutely basic.

VideoPad Video Editor – Video Editing Software Free Download For Different Operating Systems:

System Requirements
  • Works on Windows 7, XP, Vista and 8
  • Works on Mac Intel OS X 10.4.4 and above
  • iPad version runs on iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Android version runs on 2.3.3 or higher

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