VLC Media Player Free Download Full Version For Winodws

VLC Media Player Introduction:

VLC media player is open source public-domain software application that plays various types of media files than any other media player available. VLC media player is the most popular and energetic multi format and a free media player that supports various platforms. Its features and performance makes it as the best media player. It is quick and easy to install and can be made as a default player for playing various file-format types. VLC media player regularly win the competition against other media players like windows media player and win Amp players. VLC media player is really powerful multimedia player for windows PC. It plays all formats of media files really fast and easily.

Vlc Media Player Image, Vlc Media Player Screenshot

VLC media player is available for Windows, Macintosh and adds to Linux flavors. It can play internet radio and podcasts and also can record audio and video sources to your media files stored in local PC. Using a combination of VLC and your browser you can download videos from you tube and few other video sites. If you want to download, just copy the URL.

How VLC media player Works:

VLC media player has an amazing hotkey support option used to control without touching your mouse. You can watch the DVDs and video files through it. It is also used to convert your files and easily add the subtitles to your video files. To add subtitles just add the SRT file to the video and it will play with subtitles automatically. For better appearance, there is an option available in VLC media player for changing the media player skins. If you want to change the video or audio format of any particular video, just go to media > convert > save. It is possible to capture the video or audio that is being played at a particular moment, just go to view > advanced controls and Click on the icon it will capture and click again on the icon to stop. The output file is saved automatically to My documents of your system.

VLC Media Player Features:

  • Internet radio and post cast management
  • Snapshot
  • Video effects
  • Play dual audio movies
  • Many file formats supported
  • Mobile videos also played
  • High sound volume
  • HD video support

 VLC Media Player System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/ vista/7/8/10

Processor:  Intel Pentium III 700MHZ

RAM: 150 MB required

Hard Disk Space: 10 MB

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