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Windows explorer being the default file browser for the windows operating system, it’s not easy for a software to make its mark, overcoming the benchmark laid by the default interface put up by the browser. In spite of that, Xyplorer stands as one of most frequently used file explorers in the windows operating system.

 Windows with its default search bar, yet so powerful, the search feature offered by Xyplorer makes it feel inferior in certain cases. Xyplorer has a very potential search engine that instantly tracks down the file which is being searched. Xyplorer has such a beautifully designed tab interfaced working environment; it allows you to manage different things simultaneously in a very easy and adaptable way. A search result and file browsing can be done at a time and one action wouldn’t affect other.

 The Multi-level undo system is one of noticeable feature in Xyplorer. The changes done in the previous day can also be undone and the best part about this undo being that, it keeps a track of actions made hence making it possible to undo the action.

 The Xyplorer offers a flexibility of custom copy which includes verifying, safe overwriting, detailed reporting and logging along with a feature of pausing and resuming. It even provides an option called rich copy. Through rich copy you can perform several operations like copy here with increment, current date, a sub folder and many more. Batch Rename, which renames a couple of files under one common name with a series at the end, is one of the noticeable features in the Xyplorer.


Very good file management.

Tabbing feature

Quick search response

Doesn’t burden the system


Poor interface

Have to pay for the full version

Xyplorer Overview:

Xyplorer is undoubtedly one of the best file managers available for the Windows operating system. It’s quick response and performance however rates it high, but for the fact the user will have to pay for the full version. Except for that, it is one good file manager to have.

Download The Software Below:

Xyplorer Free Download – Portable File Browser

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